For more than a century, the Eden Palace au Lac has been a highlight of the town of Montreux.  Opened in October 1896, our hotel has retained its distinctive identity throughout the years.

Many celebrities have stayed in our rooms, including Charles Aznavour, Umberto Tozzi, George Clooney, Kofi Annan, Francis Huster, Van Morrison, Harry Roselmack, Frédéric François, Jean-Michel Jarre, Christophe Willem, Régine, and Pierre Richard, all of whom have enjoyed the comfort and charm of our hotel.


Charles Aznavour


Les pianistes Sammy Price et Sir Charles Thompson.
Veronique Sanson, Charles Mingues & Dizzy Gillespie


Le conseil fédéral suisse (Mr.Chevallaz, Cevey, Gnaegi & Fugler)


Le groupe Eruption


Pop Star Christine Mc Vie


Roger Moore


Florent Pagny


Umberto Tozzi

A Pearl Story

Official opening of the hotel in October, first advertised as follows:

Hotel International, near kursaal. Montreux on the waterfront.

Reopening 10TH of September 1897

 Completely new establishment, recently opened, very well furnished, with all the comforts and amenities of a first-rate establishment. Widespread view of the lake and the Alps. Elevator and electricity. Lodging. Refined cooking, dedicated care and service. Moderate prices. FAMILY DEFAGO. Same owner as:

Hotel de la Croix Fédérale (Champéry, Valais)


The Montreux establishment was bought back by a group of businessmen from the region of Montreux-Lausanne.



At the turn of the century, the building was slightly renovated and the old « International » became « Eden ».



The First World War put an end to the tourist expansion of Montreux. The typical clientele of large hotels was ruined. The establishments saw their amenities become outdated without the owners investing, due to the lack of money. Accommodating war veterans quickly degraded the building. Hopefully the Eden did not have to resort to this somewhat extreme solution.


Years 1920 

In these post-war years, Mr. Emile Eberhard-Fallegger (1877 – 1963) takes full responsibility  as  owner and is in charge as manager  of the <<Grand Hôtel Eden>> with which it had been associated since 1910.



Is marked by the passing away of the architect Louis Villard. Among his achievements are included: les Hotels Suisse, Hotel Excelsior, Villa Toscane and Hotel Eden.



World War 2 drastically reduces the number of tourists and the hotel went through  the worst years of its history.



June 1st marks the end of Mr. E. Eberhard’s reign and the purchase of the hotel by Mr. Frederic Tissot, owner of the Grand Hotel in Vevey. During the years that followed, the establishment was gradually modernized.


In the 1970’s

Mr. Frédéric Tissot decided to demolish the Hotel Eden in order to replace it with an ultra-modern building, including a 15-storey tower.



After the first oil shock, plans to transform the hôtel Eden are seldom and the hotel manages to escape demolition.



Carlo de Mercurio is in charge of the Eden Hôtel and in the beginning of the 1980s will permanently purchase the establishment. The hotel was then renamed Hotel Eden au Lac.


Years 2000

After falling in love with Montreux, Mr. Gaston Jacques Murray, An english businessman, bought the Hotel Eden that then becomes Eden Palace au Lac.